Drive, passion and beauty is personified within Lena Anthony. This Philadelphia native knew she would always be successful. After graduating Penn State University with a degree in communications and theatre, she embarked on her journey to Los Angeles to pursue her deep-rooted dream of acting and producing, but through her sense of style it was inevitable for Lena and fashion to merge. Through her iconic image and confidence people would ask for her styling guidance and fashion expertise. As a young girl Lena always had a burning desire for classic, vintage and inspired pieces. Being an actor allowed her to play dress up and always causing a scene. Her nails are perfectly manicured, her perfume wakes up your morning, she makes her own style and leave a piece of her where ever shes goes. She's Chic, Elegant, and Fashionable But not Your Average LA Gal, Say Hello to the daring, inspiring, timeless ME!